Stress free with Aacorns Maintenance Services as the one-stop shop for all your maintenance services

At Aacorns Maintenance Services we are committed to meet our goals and provide to our customers a range of our best services they can rely on.

Do you have things that need to be repaired, mounted or fixed? Our Tradesmen Teams provide a range of services which involves physical work with practical skill to maintain your house or office in right order.

Our Gardening Teams are always ready to maintain the beauty of your garden, taking care of your plants and trimming your garden hedges including performing a range of general gardening tasks.

Our Cleaning Teams carry out heavy cleaning tasks with a guarantee satisfaction for our various customers. They perform a range of general cleaning tasks to maintain your inside and outside spaces clean.

Why choosing us


The Quality of the services we provide is always being the same to meet the higher standards we set to our self.

Friendly People

Fast, reliable and friendly, our team will make you feel happy and comfortable with the service we provide.

Affordable Prices

We are committed to provide to our customers affordable prices with no hidden extra charges.

Experience Teams

Every little thing our team perform, is based on the knowledge or skill encountered on what we do best.